Best MeDoll

At my Stardoll club, Celebs__Fashion, Im having an award to let all the best at stardoll shine....

So, to win the first category [[Best MeDoll]], with clothes and everything, you have to sign the topic that says Celebs__Fashion Awards. In a few days I'll tell you that I'll visit EVERYBODY'S Medoll and decide who has the best medoll. I'll wait enough days so everybody that wanna buy new clothes and doesn't have money can fix that.

I'll decide a winner after:

If the medoll looks like one person, if everything matches

When this category is finished, there will be a new, that I won't name until then...

So what do the winner of every category win?? Suprstar gifts, publicity ( I mean, there is 1567 poeple in my club, you'll get visitors, friends and everything!), an interview, an article on the Frontpage and everything that winning a contest wlil bring =)

Good luck!! Any questions? Mail me on stardoll! Ashley_love_Zac


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